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SLC™ Series 12V AGM battery

• Applications: SLC series batteries are suitable for use in solar power stations, control devices, alarm systems, emergency systems, emergency responders, telecommunications, UPS, operating rooms, video surveillance.

Features: AGM technology. They work in a wide range of temperatures, they are sealed and require no maintenance. They have a great conduct to lens discharge.

Life: 5 ÷ 6 years = 18 Ah, 10 years > 18 Ah.

Serie SLC™

Part No. Model Description Dimensions
66606L SLC100 Nominal capacity 20H: 100Ah 330x173x220 mm (13x6.8x8.7 inches) - 29 kg (63.9 lbs)
66868U SLC140-12A Nominal capacity 20H: 140Ah 344x171x280 mm (13.5x6.7x11 inches) - 41,2 kg (90.8 lbs)